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Corporate Social Responsibility Solutions

Operating a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme brings measurable workforce benefits and cost efficiencies across a range of business activities.

Would you be interested in adding value to your organisation by developing your own Corporate Social Relationship programme? Elite can assist!

Elite Support Services [London] Limited has successfully developed simple and effective CSR solutions from knowledge gained over many years of collaboration with local organisations. With such practical skill base and the external interest of organisations wanting to understand best practice, the pitfalls and the most appropriate approach to developing their own CSR programmes, Elite have put together a resource consultancy to assist organisations who are committed to successful CSR engagement.

Real gains can be achieved when a well-managed programme is implemented fully, for example

Skills Development
CSR provides an opportunity to help employees to develop a wide range of skills and competencies, including communication, project management, leadership and team working.

90% of employees who had volunteered said that the volunteering gave them an opportunity to develop or utilise their core skills.

Many of those who have participated in mentoring schemes confirm they have enjoyed promotion afterwards having been able to demonstrate stronger man-management and related skills.

Mentoring Schemes as part of organisations CSR Programmes is something that developing employees cite as worthwhile and would like to participate in fully when they discuss their contribution to interviews or developmental plans at appraisal.

Evaluation has shown that volunteering programmes provides networking and skills development opportunities as well as improving employee morale, provoking innovative thinking, challenging methods of work practices and providing excellent cross business networking.

Employee Recruitment & Retention
A vibrant CSR programme can contribute to improved employee perceptions, motivation and retention.

The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility

"85% of staff stated that supporting a partner school had a ‘significant’ or ‘very significant’ positive impact on their pride in working for their company".

"86% of employees who agree strongly that their company is active in the local community, feel a strong sense of belonging to their company".

"Today's graduates put work-life balance and an employer's ethical reputation ahead of salary and the prospect of early promotion when choosing where to work."

Building Relationships with Clients, Investors & External Audiences
Increasingly, corporations are trading not on products or services but their reputations and brand value, and the public perception of socially responsible behaviour seems to be more and more important.

Elite can work with any organisation to highlight cost-effective initiatives that can result in a substantive business gains across the organisations activity

Call us today to find out how!

"We have received specific feedback in sales and tendering situations that businesses have, in part, based their decision to buy services from us on the work we do in the community".

"From a business perspective, we have won a number of bids in which our CSR policy was identified as strength in our response or as a differentiator".

Cost Saving Considerations
A combination of increasing demand for energy, and targets set by the Government to reduce carbon emissions means that energy and fuel costs are likely to remain high priced in the long term, and so many companies are now facing not only staff and customer pressure to be more environmentally friendly but are increasingly facing financial pressure.

By implementing an environmental programme, reductions in electrical consumption can be as much as 20%, waste output reductions by up to 25% and overall landfill waste volume reduced by as much as 70%.

Through careful environmental policies at least 10% savings across the business can be achieved at very little cost.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver a value-for-money service, so call us today to see how we can help you reduce cost whilst maintaining the highest level of service.