Disinfection, Clinical & Crime Scene Support

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"Elite worked around our busy schedule as a specialist sub-contractor when completing the VDU Cleaning. They were half the price of any other quote I received yet this did not affect their high level of compliance process."

Dave Bonney
Managing Director
ITC Cabling

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Disinfection, Clinical & Crime Scene Support

Our Crime Scene & Disinfection specialists are made up of members of our contract cleaning teams who have further developed their technical skills appropriate and who work within our existing clients partners network but who are also highly flexible to respond to any particular types of services required.

Crime Scene Support provides professional post incident attendance to ensure that there is no hazardous waste or risk to human health. Services include the removal of all hazardous waste materials to destruction by means of licenced disposal centres, the physical cleaning of environments and any refurbishment or repairs required.

Disinfection Services includes the latest technology that provides an automated dosing of appropriate disinfection agent to any environment and for which is safe on electrical apparatus, humans, animals, plants and the wider environment and is guaranteed to protect for a period of three to six months.

Clinical Cleaning is the encompassing of these two services outlined above and where we are able to provide cleaning quality results for both airborne particulates and pathogens using the most up-to-date monitoring and sampling equipment available.

VDU & Data Environment Cleaning

What are you doing to protect your staff members against common office environment health threats?

It is widely acknowledged that Keyboards can harbour millions of unhealthy pathogens, while the authorities have launched a nationwide advertising campaign to reaffirm the importance of basic hygiene in an effort to limit contamination. Within professional environments, high volume objects such as computer keys boards, phones, EPOS machines and even door furniture have been identified as obvious sources of cross contamination.

How We Can Help? – VDU Cleaning
Elite Support Services offer a systemised process for cleaning each personal workspace that ensures that these high volume objects are properly sanitised with a specially formulated solution. This process in turn drastically reduces the risk of cross-contamination and is a proactive step in providing a germ-free working environment for your employees.

Industry Standard
Industry fees for VDU Cleaning usually calculated by the amount of items to be sanitised can result in a considerable overall cost with each item usually having a separate cost to clean. This can be as high as £3 per phone, £4 per computer, fax & printer and therefor a considerable budget for medium to large organisations.

Our Offering
As an alternative to this Elite Support Services using the latest sanitisation technology can professionally clean all items within your office area at a rate based on the number of workstations. We charge a flat rate of £4 per workstation and the standard includes telephone, computer, screen, printer and fax. This cost is well under the industry standard fees charged and we maintain that if you can find a better quote based on the same specification we will simply match it.
Offer valid until March 31st 2016.

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Data Environment Cleaning
We are living in what has been deemed as the ‘computer age’, so it is really no surprise that IT equipment plays a fundamental role in the day to day operations of most companies. As technology develops and we incorporate new systems in to our business model our dependence on the reliability of such equipment becomes a very important issue. This is one of the reasons why maintenance and cleaning of IT Equipment and its surrounding environment are now treated as a priority by most Facility Management Companies – including Elite Support Services.

Recent IT industry research has revealed that up to 70% of data/server room related breakdowns are caused by dust and other debris. This statistic highlights the importance and need for such environments to be dust-free. The most cost effective way of achieving this is manual data environment cleaning – a service offered by Elite Support Services.

Our core services are listed below:

  • PC & Data Environment Cleaning
  • Clinical and Data Centre Environments
  • Office Equipment (VDUs, Handsets, Printers etc)