Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning

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"Elite responded to our drainage emergency very swiftly, and not only did they resolve our blockage but they also provided advice as to how we can avoid the problem reoccurring."

John Herbert
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Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Ensure a consistently high standard of kitchen cleanliness

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Elite Support Services [London] Limited Specialist Services provides a thorough kitchen deep clean to accessible as well as the less accessible areas within your commercial kitchen.

Planning for regular kitchen duct and ventilation cleaning will help to satisfy requirements of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and remove the most common cause of fires within the kitchen.

Elite will support your commercial catering environments such as kitchens, canteens and food preparation areas to ensure they adhere to the stringent legislation governing their operational condition and hygiene standards. Our comprehensive kitchen deep cleaning plans provides the following to your organisations’ commercial kitchen:

  • Increased Hygiene
  • Increased efficiency and extended equipment life
  • Reducing the risk of fire
  • Compliance with Food Hygiene & Kitchen Safety regulation

Failure to meet the hygiene standards set out by the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006 can lead to severe fines having a negative effect brand reputation and ultimately on profitability.

In addition, poor cleaning procedures can lead to bacterial contamination, spread of diseases, pest infestations and reduced equipment life.

Benefits of Our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service

Increased Hygiene

  • Reduce the risk of contamination
  • Lower customer complaints
  • Better working conditions for staff

Increased Efficiency and Longer Equipment Life

  • Lower maintenance cost

Reduced Risk of Fire

  • Possibility of lower insurance premiums
  • Improved Health and Safety environment

Comply with Food Hygiene and Kitchen Safety regulation

  • Lower risk of fines and prosecution
  • Reduce the risk of transmitting food borne disease

Our Shared Hands Contract Services provides your organisation with a Live-Portal supporting your Environmental Health Officers ongoing responsibilities as well as your ability to outline the core accountabilities that demonstrates your ‘due diligence’ in minimising health risks.

To book your FREE site survey or for more general information about our Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services, contact us on 080 8123 2470.

Our Guarantee

  • Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) accredited training
  • Reliable & responsive service
  • Innovative solutions supported by our accredited technical teams
  • Free guidance survey of commercial kitchen to assess your kitchen deep cleaning needs
  • Our technicians undergo extensive training, externally accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health, both in the field and in regular classroom environments

Elite Support Services Specialist Hygiene’s Kitchen Deep Cleaning service provides and maintains a high standard of kitchen hygiene through thorough and regular cleaning. Burnt on carbon and fat deposits are removed, ensuring any potentially harmful bacteria are eliminated. Our trained specialists ensure floors, walls, ceilings, lights and all kitchen fittings and equipment are thoroughly cleaned. This procedure also helps to prolong the life of your expensive kitchen equipment.

For any kitchen deep cleaning job, we carry out a full survey of your kitchen premises to assess your current situation and cleaning requirements. With us offering a variety of kitchen deep cleaning services we can clean every part of a commercial kitchen and provide you with specific tailored advice on how to keep your kitchen cleanliness up to standard. Below you can see the full process of any kitchen deep cleaning operation:


Book a free kitchen cleaning survey appointment by either filling out a form or calling us direct and we will arrange for a team member to contact you:

  • Specialist team of consultants
  • Calls returned within six hours of your enquiry during normal office hours

We will discuss your kitchen operations and recommend an appropriate cleaning regime together with a specifically tailored quote based around the services needed:

  • Survey appointments at a time convenient for you
  • Health and safety risk assessment conducted
  • Fifty years of commercial kitchen cleaning experience

Our Solution

Trained technicians will deliver your kitchen deep cleaning requirements:

  • Fast, responsive and professional service at times convenient to you
  • Expertise in cleaning a range of kitchen equipment brands
  • Royal Society of Public Health Certified Technicians


Post service site visits to ensure full satisfaction with any amendments needed for future supply:

  • Partnering with you to comply with Food Hygiene & Kitchen Safety regulation
  • Specialist cleaning guidance from our in-house professionals

Planned Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning and Disposal Service

Guaranteed Safe Waste Disposal Solution & Product Supplies

Grease traps are a fundamental part of any commercial kitchen or food processing plant, helping to ensure harmful greases, fats and oils are captured and prevented from entering the drainage system where they could cause potentially costly damaging blockages.

Grease can build up very quickly inside grease traps making them ineffective. The accumulation of the grease can also make it very difficult to dispose of and become a source of unpleasant odours Waste from grease traps is classified as a Controlled Waste. The Environment Agency or an Environmental Health Officer is required to see evidence that regular cleaning of the grease trap has been performed and any waste that has been removed is disposed of by a registered waste carrier.

Our Grease Trap Cleaning Service Features:

  • Our technicians have Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) accredited training
  • We provide a reliable & responsive grease trap cleaning service
  • Scheduled Journey Routes means we are never far from your premise
  • We provide innovative service solutions which are supported by our dedicated technical teams

The service is carried out at times convenient to your operational business; helping to achieve minimal disruption to your business. We work around logistical challenges to ensure thorough grease trap cleaning is completed always.

We will provide your business with a full-service report and a certificate to recognise that the appropriate steps have been taken to help minimise the fire risks associated with your grease trap. Book a free guidance site survey.

Drain Blockage Prevention

Pipe Work and Drain Obstruction Avoidance

Reduce and eliminate drainage complications

Waste food, fats and grease in commercial kitchen sinks and pipe work can quickly build-up. This results in unpleasant odours and often leads to costly drain blockages and overflowing sinks. It can also increase the risk of contamination since grease sludge can harbour pathogenic bacteria.

Disruption from drainage obstructions will result in expensive implications for your business and your brand or business reputation.

Under the Water Industry Act 1991 section 111 it is a criminal offence to discharge into the public sewers any matter which may interfere with the free flow of the sewerage system.

Mechanical cleaning methods such as high-pressure water jetting and rodding are often unsuitable and may be a source of bacterial contamination if not operated with care. Elite Support Services can assist with the provision of biological dosing services periodically feeding kitchen drainpipes and grease traps with a biological solution containing environmentally friendly bacteria and enzymes; breaking down grease and preventing build-up from occurring.

This regular dosing provides protection against blockages, offensive odours, flooding, and associated repercussions. Our compact battery-operated units are unobtrusive and programmed to match the volumes and frequencies of dosing suitable for your daily servicing needs, times and kitchen routines. The dosing intervals are completely flexible and set increasing demand during peak operating times in order to ensure optimum protection is maintain.

To book your FREE site survey or for more general information about our Professional Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services, contact us on 080 8123 2470.